Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fume Art & Muses

I often thank my lucky stars that artists are generally accepted by society. Because think about it.
We are (for the most part) emotionally raw beings. We must wear our hearts on our sleeves in order to truly see and feel the world around us. So we can internalize it and remember it and make something out of that. In order to be inspired we must feel. That's why Artist  Blocks suck.

But back to my original point, I am glad we are accepted... because if you stand back and think about it, we are beings who are for the most part incapable of processing intense emotions without the aid of visual/auditory media. I challenge you to find an artist that does not feel the need to create when they are experiencing intense emotions. I know it's how I work.

Feeling really sad? Angry? Happy? Remorseful? Whimsical? Reminiscent? ART.
Even being inspired by music or really gorgeous art, or some terrible/wonderful thing you saw or heard about. People can be really good inspirations too, dependent on their relationship with you. And what emotions they draw out the most.

I have found loss, sadness and helplessness usually drive me to draw a lot. They are emotions you can't really do much about usually, so I draw. It helps me disconnect and funnel my feels into my painting, instead of bottling them up and just being intensely unhappy. I feel like I'm doing the feelings justice, and feel a sense of productiveness, even if it's misleading.

I don't know what I'd do or who I'd be if I couldn't draw out bad feelings. Maybe I'd be a lot grumpier. Who knows. I just know it helps me stay on a happy even keel most of the time. For some reason giving bad feelings a look and face, it's like you're creating something beautiful out of terrible feelings. I guess that's it. Making the best of a terrible situation, haha!

So yes. I'm very glad that every artist is not committed for emotional processing difficulties or some twaddle. Or being emotionally unstable. Which would also be a copout, haha!

Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments, I'm interested to see what you think.

Here is some recent artworks, all but the last two I did today, it's been a fumey productive kind of day!

Umé the Wolf

Ceb the Demon-dog

Tentacle Kitsuné


Pachyrhinosaurus Hearts <3 p="">


  1. "I often thank my lucky stars that artists are generally accepted by society"
    I feel that I would have a hard time accepting society without artists. It makes sense to turn painful or negative emotions into a thing of beauty, but what do you find comes forth from happiness?

  2. Usually when I'm happy, I'm either out doing things with other people, or working on an art project that has been swirling around in my head for a long time. It's weird that so much of my art comes out of working through grumpies. What about you?

  3. It's interesting that grumpiness can translate so effectively into artwork, but I think I understand it. I've never applied myself much as an artist but I do find myself more productive when I am less jolly. It seems that the happier one is, the less they want to do that sort of thing. I find myself doing things with people, enjoying a show or a book, and telling myself that work can come later.

  4. I guess artwork comes more easily when I'm upset, because I can't think of any other way to use these feelings productively.
    But through art, you create something and you can work through anger/sadness at the same time too. And happiness depends- if I'm working on a project I have a lot of passion in, sometimes working when I'm really happy makes things click, and I get a lot done :)