Sunday, February 17, 2013

Maybe procrastination is a good thing?

So you may not know it, but I'm a procrastinator.
And I don't know what it is. I am still rather productive as far as senior college students go, but I know I procrastinate also. I get the weirdest (read, deathly fear) inspiration or gust of perpetual PRODUCTIVENESS when the deadline is closing in. And I know this isn't just me. 
But it's weird, and I can't explain it.

I know that the brain, for as much time it takes to be concentrated and productive and thoughtful, it is healthy for it to take some time out and watch some silly videos on youtube.
If you keep squeezing a sponge, it will eventually just be dry and crusty and gross. 
Nobody wants a brain like that.

Gotta soak it in some tasty mindjuices. Tasty, tasty mind juices.

Hm. Maybe this is me trying to explain away procrastination.
Well, not really. I know I need to reign in how much mind juicing I do- I know having a to-do list (with really generalish goals for each day) it really helps me get my butt in gear. So, I'm going to have a go at trying to do that more.

The worst problem I guess is that both of my jobs and both my degrees require me to be on my laptop pretty much constantly... and the internet is so tempting. Games I can somehow more easily say no to.
But facebook, reddit and youtube kill me.

Oh by the way, if you are a potential employer reading this, please know I make concerted efforts not to procrastinate when I'm working. I feel there's something fundamentally wrong when I'm wasting someone elses' paid time. Also, I have really liked all the bosses I've had thus far- a few of them have been more like friends/family than bosses really- and I'd feel like a scumbag for messing with their trust.

That being said, if I do procrastinate, I detract hours, or work overtime to make them up.
 And this is me being honest- just as I was honest above ^^^ 
My time, I will wantonly waste :P No arguments there. 
But I have definite conscience and morals when it comes to wasting others'. 
So please don't read this entry and NOPE away.  


Well now, with that being said, here's some art from the last week and a half. 

These were all painted and scribbled in beginning painting class. 
Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I am taking Beginning Painting in my last semester of College.
And it's the best thing I've ever done. All the BFA and Honor's Capstone Thesis stress is over, all my other requirements are fulfilled. Time to sit back and do some awesome painting after learning about colour theory and composition for the last 5 years, and getting to relax and put it into a beginning class. Best idea ever. 

Working out tiger stripe patterns.

TADA! Final piiieeece!

Tiger bum.

I have not done acrylic painting in YEARS. This is a huge learning curve for me.
It's like digital art, but HARDER.

WIP of Kindan-No. I spent a lesson preparing the canvas and background 
(it had been bright yellow before).
Then I spent last Thursday freehand drawing in the design and starting the painting.

Scribbled while I was waiting for paint to dry. MEESTA TERRORDACTEEL!


Goodness, I am sincerely hoping employers don't find this. They're going to think I'm nuts.

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