Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Sadface Tiger

You know when you have a lot of feelings, and you just HAVE to draw something-
whether it be happy/sad/excited/frightened- I swear it's like an artist psychosis :D
And when I say artist, I include muscians, writers, etc...
Do you get that too? You get inspired- you get the mad desire to make something- it's so crazy.

I think the only intense mood that retards my drawing would have to be the self-doubt times- where you  feel like a hack and you mope around and want to lay on the floor and lament for some reason :D
Ahh, those times. Where anything you try to draw turns into SADTIMES, hahaha.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Vertis the feathered spiny Oviraptor.

Technically I guess her tail should be out rigidly straight, to counter the weight of her head and forequarters.
Ah well.

I had so much fun! I worked in a buttload of different layers, just keeping the base blue layer's pixels selected so I didn't draw outside the lines.

So: lineart on top layer, then light blue layer, white-yellow tummy layer, texture layer (the pinks and purples), stripe layer, then several other layers for background, aurora, stars, border and text.

Calvin and Hobbes Stu Mods and Anatomy Sketches.

I was drawing some anatomy for a friend of mine, just some rough sketchies-
Comparative anatomy, wot wot?

As always, dinosaurs. What else would expect from me? :D


So I have started Class 3, and I have decided to do 3 shots on a theme...
Can you guess what that theme is?
I'll give you a hint...
Look below ;)

After lots of broken rig heartache, NURBS-polygon frustrations and everything else, here are some shots of my newest Stu mods :D

The amazingly talented riggers at AM provide the Stu rig, and I mess with them >. >
Still to come, a better house and door ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012