Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moth Wallpaper (I think?)

I always fail at these size ratios, but anywho, if you have a weird-butt screen resolution, here you go :D

Here is the URL to download the full tasty size: moth_memoryspan_by_inkydragon-d53fon3.jpg

I was on a Google+ hangout with some AM buds and some Awesome Aussie Artists and modellers, and somehow the subject of the memory span of a moth came up, and in my 2 am addled-brain thinking, I decided to draw one.

So here's a moth, or a desperate contrivance of one, you decide :D
I love the odd shapes of bugs, I really should draw them more often.
I'm currently batch-rendering my shots for this term, I will have a Class 2 Progress Reel in the next week or so, when I've tweaked some more of the animation. :)
Later dudes and dudettes!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Once upon a time, I forgot to upload artwork

The End.

Here is Queen Elinor, after she is magically transformed into a bear.
I love her curviness; Pixar did an awesome job at making her bear self so curvy and bloopy and awesome.
This is her SHOCKED FACE.

I made this for my Pixar Animator Mentor, Jon Collins! :)
They had just finished animation on BRAVE, and I felt some congratulations were in order!
Doesn't Mordu look festive?

Here is a Headcrab zombie I did back in February and did not post : /
And yes I know the gun is wonky as all get out- you can tell I draw them alll the time :D

It's me, working on a museum model :D
I sculpted and casted and painted it, and one day it will be on permanent display :D
I need to get some better photos of the model, he looks a lot different now, Mr. Shonasaurus dude.
I am painting down in the basement of the museum in the Paleo dept. ;)

Now, back to our old artwork broadcast:
Here are two pictures I quickly did for my friend's essay :D She had this amazing scifi story with these unintentionally horrifying aliens, and they were begging to be drawn.

They are quite terrifying aren't they? D:

I was messing around in photoshop last year and drew this for my boyfriend- we'd been discussing what abilities out Real Steel robots would have- he wanted his to have a mohawk and be a grappling robot.
WHABAM! Here 'tis.

There's text that accompanies this guy:
'What is your name?' she asked, raising a cold hand to feel his foggy breath.
'I doest not know- what is my name?' he breathed.
'How about Snowshadow?'The being snorted derisively.'That is terrible.''What?' she replied, hurt.'It's like me calling you Person.' He cackled.'Then... your name is Toby.''That's much better.'He smiled, turned tail, and disappeared into the night.'That's much better.'He smiled, turned tail, and disappeared into the night.

This dude hangs out on my portfolio cover- he was originally made for a big uni essay project last year, about a student's path to the animation industry. It was a lot of fun, and it gave me an excuse to be curious and bother animators to share their stories :)
Lots and lots of fun!

So there is your time warp- back into the 2011's with Hannah :D

Oh, here's a picture of General Grievous as a farewell:

hehehe... he's so grumpy.