Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reindeer, dinosaurs and wolves.

I swear those are all related.
Ok, here are a BUNCH of updates.
First off, here is a wolf run I sketched up for the Animation Mentor site.
My mentor Ethan Hurd has been describing how I needed to make the werewolf run, with his feet making a decidedly more 'doonk -doonk' syncopated rhythm.
I decided to draw a cycle up, to make sure I was understanding what he meant.

So the bottom run cycle is my initial animation pass, (before asking Ethan to kindly take a look), and the top wolf is the revised run cycle, integrating his notes about spacing feet and watching arcs more closely ;)

Now this next one is just a silly one I did for my fellow Paleo nerds on AnimationMentor- it's an armless therapod :D
He's so nefarious >)

Here are some Reindeer designs I did a few months ago, but sadly neither of them won the competition I entered them into: a design for an engraved placard at the Reindeer Research Farm to recognize generous donators.

AAAAAAnnnnnd here is the last one,
my first crack at using Mudbox! A big mean monster thing :D


Anyway, here 'tis ;)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Elsa with Sauerkraut

So here is Elsa, as I sorta half-promised :D
She is posing with her much-loved Sauerkraut.
I hope you like this!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Wolfpaw

Because he is fun to pose, and adorable to look at :D
Enjoy ;)

"We're Back!" Nostalgia times

So I found "We're Back!" on DVD the other day, and I was admittedly a little excited to find it. (ahem)

I've been trying to find this movie for years- my friend and I used to watch this movie and 'The Princess and the Goblin' repeatedly. I have fallen in love with it all over again :D
The music, the character design, everything... is so beautiful.

So I was inspired to draw Rex, because he's such an awesome character. I might get to draw the rest later :D
Anyway, here he is with a hotdawg, looking rather excited about the whole situation.

Please enjoy!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Burian Paleo-Art Prints

So as some of you may know, I work at the University of Alaska Museum of the North, in the Earth Science Department as a Paleontological Artist and Databaser, drawing dinosaur fossils, surrounded by Pleistocene mammal and dinosaur bones :D

When we were cleaning out the lab late last year, I found a battered folder sitting in the back of one of the top-most cabinet spaces, and it turned out to contain a collection of Zdeněk Burian's lithograph prints. 
They appear to have been in book form at one stage but are now loose leaves of paper, and sadly I do not have all 60 plates.

This artwork is so beautiful, and I remember a great quote somewhere saying that great artwork can never truly be owned, but instead be shared and enjoyed...
So I hope you find these artworks as inspirational as I have- keep in mind, the text might not necessarily match up with the pictures- as I mentioned above, there are multiple plates missing. 
(this being said, I did sort them in numerical order)