Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reindeer, dinosaurs and wolves.

I swear those are all related.
Ok, here are a BUNCH of updates.
First off, here is a wolf run I sketched up for the Animation Mentor site.
My mentor Ethan Hurd has been describing how I needed to make the werewolf run, with his feet making a decidedly more 'doonk -doonk' syncopated rhythm.
I decided to draw a cycle up, to make sure I was understanding what he meant.

So the bottom run cycle is my initial animation pass, (before asking Ethan to kindly take a look), and the top wolf is the revised run cycle, integrating his notes about spacing feet and watching arcs more closely ;)

Now this next one is just a silly one I did for my fellow Paleo nerds on AnimationMentor- it's an armless therapod :D
He's so nefarious >)

Here are some Reindeer designs I did a few months ago, but sadly neither of them won the competition I entered them into: a design for an engraved placard at the Reindeer Research Farm to recognize generous donators.

AAAAAAnnnnnd here is the last one,
my first crack at using Mudbox! A big mean monster thing :D


Anyway, here 'tis ;)

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