Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Animation Mentor Update and BEEF!

So shockingly, I am going to post before the end of the Semester.
In fact, I'm posting right now!
Isn't that outstanding?
I bet your mind was just like:

... I dunno, it seemed like a good segue.
This is a bull I made recently for the UAF Honor Society's 'WHERE'S THE BEEF?' campaign.
Sketched out in Photoshop and drawn/coloured in Flash (I would use Illustrator, but they don't have a pressure-sensitive pen option, unless I'm mistaken).
Anyway, Flash makes every stroke look so groovy, I love using it :)

Here's a shot I just finished last week (I still need to tweak some things that my mentor Ethan Hurd noticed, so my demo reel will have an updated version of this-

Please Enjoy!
I'll be uploading some dragon/dinosaur scribbles later on today...

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