Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blogception of Bowheads

Hey Kids!

How have you been?


Why haven't I been posting anything?

Well, I have a fulltime job that takes a lot of delicious creative juices, chiefly to create large cetaceans of the Bowhead nature.

Here, come see! I am now working for the UA Museum of the North full time- I have my own office and everything :) I am a Modeller/Animator, and right now I am in the depths of our Arctic Currents film, which concerns itself with the fascinating life of the gentle giants, Balaena mysticetus.

I've had the amazing opportunity to talk to amazing Marine Biologists, and pick their brains about their studies and findings. So very very awesome, getting to be part of a joint project between scientists and artists. :) I am busy modelling and animating the whales which will populate the film :D Super exciting!
I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am!

Peace out,


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  1. BTW...I have this image of a group of 'roos with their pouches open...we see they have water in them...Suddenly, a Bowhead breaks the surface of one, leaping into the air and doing a half turn/flip before landing in one of the others....Then it leaps out of a third 'roos pouch (how did it get from 'roo 2 to 'roo 3? Blame Tex Avery...) and returns to where it first came from.....