Friday, September 7, 2012

Sketchie sketchie

So everything is starting to crunch- BFA thesis is coming up quick, and I have not been puttg enough time into AM. Please wake me up when November ends :D
But, for some reason, little side projects help me stay sane. That and seeing real life people occasionally :D

So here is the poster pic for my BFA Animation Thesis this November:

I'm so excited, and so very nervous and scared of failure- not getting it finished in time.
Please goodness I hope I'll have it done.

So without further ado, I'll upload some more recent sanity-keeping sketches and get back to it, hahaa!

Tao Shu Tsin- don't think he'll get finished anytime soon, or even look the same. I wanna change his lower half to more snakey-dragon than anthropomorphic.
And change that stupid hand >(

Who can resist dapper porpoise? Noone, that's who.

Ka'ev is Hebrew for 'hurt'. Had a bawwww day recently apparently.
So there's that :D
I have more piccies, some ink and pencil shenanigans, but I'll upload them at a later date.

Until then, remain sane my friends. ;)

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