Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How To Draw A Dream in 4 Easy Steps!!

So I had this crazy lucid dream a couple of weeks back from my way back from AM BBQ (which was AWESOME btw)
I dreamt I was drawing the drawing below- every detail, so I could remember it all. It was nuts- I've had dreams like it before, but I usually completely forget what I dreamed up by the time I wake up :O
So it was crazy to be able to wake up and still remember exactly what I had sketched out.

So I woke up on the plane... went OMG... and got it down on my laptop before I could forget any major details!
So that was the initial drawing- just a concept sketchy sketch of what I could remember. 

Next I worked on getting details worked out- fixed some anatomy mistakes also. (jellyarms!)

Bam! Final Lineart Foo!!

A white background is fine too :D

Base coat, then lock layer's transparent pixels (so I can't draw outside lines)
Started background too.

Colour base finished with details.


Almost finished....

Yeayyy!! Finished image!

The Thai writing says "Fierce as a tiger/ Crafty as a fox"
No, I did not dream in Thai... I just remember that being the saying in my dream. :D
And that it was written in very elegant and curly writing- when I saw Thai, I aha'd.

So to recap,
Step 1: Have Dream.
Step 2: Wake the Heck Up.
Step 3: Scribble Down the Dream.
Step 4: Draw it More Until it Looks Good.


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  1. Epic Hannah! I will print a copy and carry it around for inspiration.