Thursday, November 17, 2011

Angus from Pixar's BRAVE!

I am absolutely enamored with Pixar's upcoming movie BRAVE, so I decided to model Angus, Merida's Clydesdale and best friend. Keep in mind, I only had a few concept images to go on when I modeled this, so his head and feet are noticeably the most out-of-proportion with the real Angus.
Also, he's a little too blue, but we'll forgive him that :)

*click on image to view shiny, original size :D*


During and post weight-painting below..

*GASP* during weight painting- there are still some weird influences here on his neck...

I've been working on this guy on-and-off since July or August, and it's been a huge relief to have the rigging all done, phew. 
Now I've got to find a way to optimize his texture, so I can animate him... right now Maya dies every time I try to move a joint....


  1. Holy H*LL~ You are really talented. Even your poses look good. How do you find time for all of this! :)

    1. Thankyou very, very much KS, much appreciated :)
      Answer: I usually get around 5 hours of sleep- there's too much fun stuff to be doing!