Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's turning into Autumn (NO NOT FALL)

Hello chums and chummettes!
It has been a few months yet again- you can't blame me 100% - I have a fun job and it keeps me very busy. I hope you can relate.

I thought I might post a video here- I have made friends with a family of foxes, and have had the singular pleasure of their quiet and curious company.
This is the first video, but definitely not the last one. I've learnt a lot about them, and I want to share what I've learnt about their secretive selves.

I met the fox family when they were very young. Slowly, by sitting still and quietly, I earned their trust. I will go sit in the same place and call to them- sometimes they come, sometimes they don't- it's up to them. Sometimes they will come and sit next to me, sometimes they will play amongst themselves. Sometimes they are curious and boisterous, sometimes they are very cautious and secretive.

There's a mum and dad fox and four kits (almost fully grown for the coming winter).
Their names are Valkyrie (m), Toby (f), Badfoot (m) and Sceecher/ Babyface the runt (f).

Enjoy :)

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