Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Arizona, Scholarship Breakfasts and Experimenting with Photoshop

I went to Arizona last week, went and saw the Grand Canyon, and generally just had a kick-butt time.
Seeing the Grand Canyon was really surreal. I realised how transient I am in the grand scheme of things, how I should worry less about little things.
Because long before me, this canyon was delved and formed. And for many years after, it will still stand, indifferent and resolute. That many more gregarious squawking people will come visit, with cameras and dogs and fast food cups, many more voles and deer and robins will scamper along it's surfaces, but nothing but the sheer weight of time will wear at it. There was something deeply powerful in that. Though I don't think I fully understand it yet.

You could look out straight across, and see the plateau continue uninterrupted far across the other side of the canyon. That many hundreds of thousands of years ago, this plateau would have been whole and flat. If you look to the side, you see sheer cliffs tumble straight down into the depths of the valley- and if you peer into the dusty atmospheric depths, you can make out the winding ridges and gulleys far below. I really wished I could fly down, flapping and all, and explore the plateau shelves, the deep ridges, and sloping rises. An unforgettable experience.

Here's a feathery avian raptorid I sketched out.

Robed Tiger Progress

I had a dream last week about a big tiger that wanted to go pay respects at a hilltop temple. 
In order to make his way through the village without being hurt or mistaken for a maneater, 
one of the Thai villagers draped a monk robe on him. 
Was a really awesome dream, and the tiger had a really regal air. Here he is :) 
The Thai says 'tiger.'

I am thoroughly pleased with how this turned out!
I hope to do more in this subdued, sketchy style soon. The rich calming colours please me so!

Hope you are all doing well <3 p="">

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