Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Remember when people do not approve of your dream. When they cast doubts. Tell you it's not possible, you will fail, never achieve your lofty aspirations... remember the flipside.
If you give up, the only person it affects is you. You in twenty, forty years, maybe regretful or sad you never stuck to your guns. Sad you let go of something you were truly passionate about.

Remember that those who run you down, make you feel foolish, make you feel you're not going to make it... wether you steel yourself and chase it, or follow their advice and give up... the only person it affects. Good or bad. Is you. They will live on as they wish, regardless of you too.

So live for you. You are here for a reason. You have time to figure out what that is. And don't let others try to push you off your course. You have a voice and a reason, and the world is better for you being here. Live that everyday, and never let anyone make you feel small or unimportant. Never make their jeers come true.

Live everyday to make the world better. And you will.

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