Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moth Wallpaper (I think?)

I always fail at these size ratios, but anywho, if you have a weird-butt screen resolution, here you go :D

Here is the URL to download the full tasty size: moth_memoryspan_by_inkydragon-d53fon3.jpg

I was on a Google+ hangout with some AM buds and some Awesome Aussie Artists and modellers, and somehow the subject of the memory span of a moth came up, and in my 2 am addled-brain thinking, I decided to draw one.

So here's a moth, or a desperate contrivance of one, you decide :D
I love the odd shapes of bugs, I really should draw them more often.
I'm currently batch-rendering my shots for this term, I will have a Class 2 Progress Reel in the next week or so, when I've tweaked some more of the animation. :)
Later dudes and dudettes!

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