Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's been a while...

The time, it has flown!
It is week 9 of my Basic Foundations course with AM, and I promise to put up a term one reel- it's just that this term got away on me >.>

So I am working on my BFA thesis 2D animation, my awesome AM course, my part-time job as a Paleontological Artist, as well as applying for scholarships, and submitting designs for a few companies :)

I just finished a commission for a Braided River Pub. book, 'On Arctic Ground.' They requested a full-colour picture of a Pachyrhinosaur and an Edmontosaur situated in a Late Cretaceous Alaskan landscape.

Here is the picture I created for them.

Here is the book it will be published in.

I will post a link to Amazon when it is released!

I just finished this image too, which is destined for a good family friend's company website:

So I think that's just about me updated for now. Here, have some sketchbook pictures!

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